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                                              UNDERWRITNG ON ARTxFM
ARTxFM is a community run arts-focused radio station. Managed by an all-volunteer staff of diverse and knowledgeable DJs, ARTxFM has built a dedicated listenership that connects Louisville's creative capacity with audiences around the world. Underwriting on ARTxFM is a fantastic way for your business to show support for our station and connect with our global audience. Your message will be received locally on Louisville's WXOX 97.1 FM and internationally at artxfm.com. The dedicated listeners of WXOX appreciate those who make our unique programming possible and develop a positive image of the business who support it.

In sculpting your underwriting announcement, remember that the medium of radio is not limited by words alone. Radio has the power to illuminate ideas with feeling and color while enchanting the listener with a message. Be creative, have fun, but stick to the facts! In compliance with FCC law, ARTxFM may acknowledge programming support but may not advertise any service, facility, or product that is offered for profit. ARTxFM will be happy to work with you on the development of an underwriting announcement that works within the legal guidelines and delivers an effective message to a receptive audience.

Underwriting announcements MAY include:

- Location and contact information of the underwriter.

-Slogans, brands, and trade names that identify and do not promote.

- Value neutral descriptions of products and services.

Underwriting announcements MAY NOT:

- Promote any for-profit service, facility, or product by way of endorsement, calls to action, or special inducements to buy.

-Advocate the views of a given person on a matter of public interest.

-Endorse a specific candidate for office.

Example 1: ART FM gets support from "I Got Soul" featuring Alex performing his singles with tributes to Otis Redding, James Brown, and Sam Cooke. Saturday, June 18th at 8 o'clock at Headliners. More information available at "Headliners Louisville dot com” or by calling (502) 584-8088.

Example 2: Support for WXOX comes from The Antique Market in historic Germantown, offering American primitives and period furnishings from the late 1800s and early 1900s, English and French period pieces, and vintage collectibles. The antique market dot com.

Example 2: Hundred Proof Fountain is proudly supported by Commonwealth Financial Advisors, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor. Building community, fairness, and the common wealth one client at a time. Commonwealth Financial can be found on the web at kycommonwealthadvisors.com, or at 502-423-7420.

WXOX Underwriting 2017
Introductory Rates are subject to change

$20 Day Time 7am - 10pm daily
$15 Overnight 10pm – 7am daily

$97.1 / week
10 day time announcements. 
Weekly Post on ARTxFM Social Media Pages.

$97.1 / month
2 announcements per weekly show. 
Monthly Social Media Post
Linkable Logo on Website and Studio Wall with Annual Commitment

If you are interested in Underwriting Opportunities on ARTxFM please contact General Manager Sharon Scott via e-mail: gm@artxfm.com

ART FM, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Federal Tax Exempt Organization. All gifts made to our noncommercial radio station are Tax-Deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

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