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                                                                                                            Caligari Piano Concert Series
Kentucky Musuem of Art & Craft
715 W. Main Street
Louisville, Kentucky

Located on Museum Row in downtown Louisville, The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft introduces a series of concerts performed on the Wendell Castle “Caligari” piano that is currently on view in the Wendell Castle: Forms within Forms exhibition. The Caligari piano was crafted by Castle in 1990 for inclusion in the unique and prestigious Steinway Art Case piano collection. Castle took inspiration from Herman Warm’s set designs for the classic 1920 horror film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The Model L Grand Steinway Piano is encased in a wooden white frame creating sharp angular forms and abrupt corners with loose indigo brushstrokes reminiscent of a German Abstract Expressionist painting.

Sponsored in part by Gist Piano Center, and organized by KMAC Associate Curator Joey Yates, the Caligari Concert Series features local and national musicians playing on this one-of-a-kind Seinway Piano. The rare showing of this piano and the accompanying performances offers a perfect melding of sight and sound.


                Daniel Knox performs Black & Whites
        LIVE from KMAC 01/10/13

      Daniel Knox, Vocals & Piano

      Jason Toth, Drums

      Paul Parts, Bass

      Jim Cooper, String Bass

      John Atwood, Images



Curator:   Joey Yates

Sound Engineer:   Brian McMahan

ART+FM Broadcaster:   Sean Selby



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